The CFSRE conducts research, development, and new technology assessment, and delivers educational and training services for the forensic science community and beyond. Our educational programs include short-term placement for visiting scholars and researchers; partnerships to deliver degree programs at area universities; and continuing professional development for forensic scientists, law enforcement, and legal professionals.

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YFSS – Young Forensic Scientist Scholarship

June 28, 2021 The Brazilian Academy of Forensic Sciences, the Center for Forensic Science Research & Education, and the Forensic Sciences Foundation have… Learn More

Becoming a Forensic Pathologist

May 28, 2021 As the United States begins to emerge from the worst of the pandemic, Alec looks back with three guests on… Learn More
Overdose syringe

New Deadly Opioid Results in over 120 Deaths

November 23, 2020 Philadelphia PA.  A novel synthetic opioid named brorphine, with effects similar to fentanyl, is the latest  opioid drug to emerge on the… Learn More

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Congratulations to our 2021 FMI alumnus Ji, a recipient not only one, but two, scholarship awards from @PhilaFound & Esler Companies. These awards will support her in her studies this Fall as she begins college at @TempleUniv! #STEM #forensics

The FMI Summer Science Program is an amazing opportunity for high-school students to learn about forensic science through interactive, virtual and hands-on experiences. Here is a snapshot of this summer's outcomes. #forensic #STEM

Hiu Yu Lam, CFSRE's Forensic Chemist I, running anticoagulant samples on an @Agilent 1100 series High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) coupling with Diode-Array Detection (DAD) for a @OJPNIJ grant. #forensic #research

Free version of our new @NDEWSnews paper. Reddit discussions about new psychoactive substances tend to predict exposure patterns in the US. This was the case with various opioids, bath salts, and benzos
@alexkrotulski @NPSDiscovery @LCottler @ijdrugpolicy

👁👁 Updated Scope Recommendations for NPS Testing in the U.S.

📈 #NPS trends are evolving rapidly as drugs enter and leave the market. This resource helps labs and scientists better prioritize efforts and remain up-to-date!


💥 Introducing new @NPSDiscovery Toolkits‼️

The #toolkit is a consolidation of program outcomes into a comprehensive report detailing relevant information about the characterization of an emerging #NPS 💊

First Up: Metonitazene — #NPS #opioid