The CFSRE conducts research, development, and new technology assessment, and delivers educational and training services for the forensic science community and beyond. Our educational programs include short-term placement for visiting scholars and researchers; partnerships to deliver degree programs at area universities; and continuing professional development for forensic scientists, law enforcement, and legal professionals.

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Overdose syringe

New Deadly Opioid Results in over 120 Deaths

November 23, 2020 Philadelphia PA.  A novel synthetic opioid named brorphine, with effects similar to fentanyl, is the latest  opioid drug to emerge on the… Learn More
Smart Drugs

Why Isotonitazene Is Not Yet the “New Fentanyl”

May 21, 2020 In the span of about a year, isotonitazene, a novel psychoactive substance (NPS), went from being practically unheard of to… Learn More

Identifying New Illicit Drugs and Sounding the Alarm in Real Time

June 26, 2019 CFSRE’s Dr. Barry Logan gave a presentation at NIST (National Institute for Standard and Technology) on the ever-changing landscape of… Learn More

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At the Forensic Sciences Mentoring Institute (FMI) Summer Science Program, high school students spend 5-weeks investigating and solving a crime using actual forensic techniques and instrumentation. If you know someone interested apply for the program HERE!

Dr. @alexkrotulski from The #CFSRE will be sharing his expertise at the #trendsetters event on April 27th to reveal considerations, experimentation and implementation around standard addition for
#quantitative #forensic #toxicology.
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Did you know April is #Sexualassaultawareness month? The #CFSRE has active federal grant funding to develop and evaluate a novel methodology for body fluid source determination using proteomic techniques.
#research #innovation #biology #forensics

🚨🗣 It is that time... Q1 2021 @NPSDiscovery Trend Reports are now available!

To access our reports, visit our webpage:

Most prevelent #NPS by class:
NPS Benzos- Etizolam
NPS Opioids - Metonitazene
NPS Stimulants - Eutylone
Syn. Canns. - MDMB-4en-PINACA

🤔 Have you been hearing about phenethyl-4-ANPP? Wondering what it’s all about? #Opioid or not? Why it’s important?

👀 Check out this awesome all-inclusive paper from @Marthevdp @alexkrotulski @SvcLab and @christophestove