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Redefining Excellence in Forensic Science
Redefining Excellence in Forensic ScienceCheck out the new NPS Discovery resource pages. 
Redefining Excellence in Forensic Science
Redefining Excellence in Forensic ScienceInterested in earning your MSFB or MSFT from Thomas Jefferson University?  Learn more about the program here.
Redefining Excellence in Forensic Science
Redefining Excellence in Forensic ScienceCFSRE is partnering with NAME to support Forensic Pathologists. Learn more here.
Redefining Excellence in Forensic Science
Redefining Excellence in Forensic ScienceKnow any high school students interested in forensic science?  Learn more about our STEM programs here

Redefining Excellence in Forensic Science

In alignment with the Foundation’s vision, forensic science leaders and mentors at CFSRE provide education, training, and research that advances the capability, acceptance, and integrity of forensic science as it informs public health and public safety missions. LEARN MORE >

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The Forensic Science Mentoring Institute

The Forensic Science Mentoring Institute

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Masters In Forensic Science

Masters In Forensic Science

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The laboratory is equipped with state of the art instrumentation acquired through the generosity of the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation, and our partners at NMS Labs, Agilent, SCIEX, and Waters. The instrumentation is used exclusively for faculty and student research, as well as for teaching in both our academic programs and our continuing education courses.

NPS DiscoveryReports

  • Monographs
    In collaboration with toxicology labs, medical examiner and coroner offices, crime laboratories, clinical partners, and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the CFSRE is documenting the first reports of NPS in the United States through analysis of drug materials and/or biological samples.

    These reports are generated using comprehensive analytical techniques (e.g., GC-MS, LC-QTOF-MS, NMR) and include available information about the new substances identified at the time of reporting, as well as the analytical data generated during testing.

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  • Trend Reports
    The CFSRE is developing quarterly trend reports associated with NPS occurrence in the United States. These trend reports are intended to provide near real-time information regarding NPS prevalence, positivity, and turnover. Testing was performed using biological samples, sample extracts, and/or datafiles.

    The CFSRE received funding from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to develop this initiative.

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  • Public Alerts
    The CFSRE is developing Public Alerts and related reports to increase public awareness regarding NPS involvement in adverse intoxications, mass overdoses, and fatalities.

    These reports are generated based on subsets of data collected at or near the time of first report or incidence and may not necessarily reflect all results for a specific emerging NPS.

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  • Drug Checking
    The CFSRE is collaborating with public health agencies to collect up-to-date information regarding the drug supply in various cities and communities across the United States. Drug checking allows individuals to draw scientifically backed opinions and understand complex drug data based on accurate and reliable testing protocols.

    Our leading team of toxicologists and chemists help acquire data and interpret results based on years of knowledge and experience.

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  • Clinical Reports
    Drug use can lead to adverse events and overdose scenarios where individuals present to emergency departments for clinical evaluation and/or treatment. The culprit can be traditional drugs (e.g., heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine) or novel psychoactive substances (NPS); however, proper drug testing methodologies must be employed for accurate identification and characterization.

    The CFSRE is collaborating with clinicians and emergency department physicians to employ comprehensive drug testing of clinical biological specimens collected after suspected NPS-related overdoses in various cities across the United States.

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  • Scope Recommendations
    The NPS landscape is changing rapidly, requiring laboratories to constantly remain abreast of new and emerging drugs locally, nationally, and internationally. To meet individualized needs, laboratories amend existing methods or develop new ones for detection and confirmation. This can be challenging for scientists as information about NPS detections can be regionalized and/or out-of-date, making it difficult to determine which drugs should be prioritized at a given time. The CFSRE and the SOFT NPS Committee have established recommendations for NPS scope based on information from extensive collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives which yield national perspectives.

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  • Analytical Toolkits
    The CFSRE is developing NPS Discovery Toolkits as a consolidation of our program outcomes into a comprehensive new document detailing relevant information about the detection and characterization of a specified NPS. This “toolkit” includes basic drug information, date of first appearance, prevalence, temporal trends, geographical trends, demographics, poly-drug combinations (including with other NPS), metabolism, methods for identification and confirmation, reference concentration ranges, and much more.

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