Preparation for Board Certification

The Forensic Criminalistics Board Certification Preparation Course is a 16 module on-demand online course taught by professionals in the field that are certified in their area of study. The courses are taught by experienced criminalists with a collective practical perspective on forensic materials/trace analysis, drug chemistry, and serology/forensic biology. The course is designed for forensic criminalists who are preparing to take a board certification exam in comprehensive criminalistics, drug analysis or molecular biology or for those who want a practical comprehensive overview of the field of criminalistics.

This 17 Module On-Demand online course consists of a combination of in-depth lectures, self-study, and practice exams covering all areas of the study curriculum that would comprise a forensic toxicology certification examination. Each module is provided to you by experts in their respective fields. Topics covered include drug and alcohol effects, pharmacokinetics, analytical techniques, quality assurance, and interpretation of drug findings. This course ensures mastery of the presented material and guides future learning efforts.