Continuing Professional Education

Practitioners, educators, law enforcement personnel, and the legal community require continuing education in the constantly advancing field of forensic science. Take advantage of our preeminent expert faculty to enhance your and your labs’ knowledge-base and skill-sets and to stay abreast of novel developments in the field. With our comprehensive offering of engaging workshop and continuing education courses, online training courses, internships, and certificate programs you are sure to find a training opportunity to suit your needs.

All of our professional development offerings provide you the chance to learn from dynamic faculty on unique topics as well as from internationally recognized leaders in their fields. At our on-site courses, network with professionals while benefiting from our proximity to major metropolitan areas.
At the CFSRE, we are passionate about hosting and producing impactful and engaging live, online forensic education that is meant to bridge the gap between forensic practitioners and the forensic community. Our webinars, symposia, workshops, and live virtual conferences keep the forensic community on the cutting edge of the latest trends, techniques, and equipment driving forensics forward. Take advantage of all of the live virtual events that we have to offer. Learn More >
While we offer comprehensive live online events, we understand that people throughout the world are not on the same schedules and cannot always attend the live sessions. We record all of our live events and convert them into Archival On-Demand education opportunities, that allow the forensic community to learn at your own pace, on your own schedules. If you missed one of our live events, you can find all of our archival offerings here. Learn More >
We recognize the need for qualified forensic professionals who can provide instrumental expertise and insight to have access to high quality board certification preparation courses. Our comprehensive, on-demand offerings allow forensic practitioners the opportunity to prepare for their board certifications at their own pace, and continue to drive the forensic profession forward through knowledge and education. Learn More >
This program designed for forensic pathologists and toxicologists includes 4 days of classroom-based sessions that provide an overview of basic forensic toxicology principles, general pharmacokinetics, and takes a deeper dive into the pharmacology and toxicology of the major drugs classes associated with drug caused and related deaths. Specialized topics such as the pathology and histopathology of drug-related deaths, pediatric and geriatric toxicology, and the phenomenon of postmortem redistribution are also covered. Learn More >
Does your Webinar, Conference, or Virtual Event need a platform? The CFSRE is a champion in forensic education and knowledge transfer, and we would love to host your next online event through our intuitive and engaging virtual platform.  We provide a complete turn-key, online event experience that will allow your organization to capture your target audience and engage with the forensic community.  Learn More >