Does your Webinar, Conference, or Virtual Event need a platform?

The CFSRE is a champion in forensic education and knowledge transfer, and we would love to host your next online event through our intuitive and engaging virtual platform.  We provide a full turn-key, online event experience that will allow your organization to capture your target audience and engage with the forensic community. 

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What is included in CFSRE hosting your event?

We begin work with the client by working with and gathering all information from presenters for their presentations.  We have the client provide abstracts, event descriptions, bios, headshots, etc., which we will use to begin building out an Agenda and Registration Page.  The user environment will be clearly branded to be identifiable to users as a client-sponsored event.  We want to ensure that the client’s vision is realized throughout the entirety of the event.

We will build out full online registration pages and event pages based on the client’s needs.  The registration and event pages will include all of the possible handout materials we would want to distribute to the audience, as well as the live streaming functionality for the day of the event.  The registration pages will capture registration information and the demographics of the attendees on behalf of the client for reporting/recruiting purposes.

Promoting your event!

Once the registration page and agenda/program are complete, the CFSRE will begin the promotion of the event.  We will be promoting these events for at least four weeks out to our listserv, which numbers over 20,000 participants in the forensic community.  These promotions will be sent out through our weekly CFSRE newsletter as well as our four different social media accounts.  We can also include any listserv’s that the client has and would like to reach for this event.
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What about the presenters?

To ensure that the presenters are comfortable and confident with presenting on our platform, we will schedule practice sessions with each of the subject matter experts.  This will give them a chance to understand and become comfortable with the platform, as well as what they can expect on the day of the actual events.  We can also use this practice session to go over any questions they might have regarding their actual presentation.  If the client would prefer to pre-record their presentations, we can accommodate that process as well.

The day of the event has arrived!

On the day of the event, the CFSRE will be hosting and moderating the entire event, as well as providing technical support for the presenters and users.  Moderating and hosting will include introductions of the event as well as introductions of each presenter.  CFSRE will also be managing the transitions between one presenter to another and moderating the Q&A sessions throughout the day of the event.  Users will be interacting and engaging with the presenters in a variety of methods.
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After the event, are we done?

After the live event is complete, the CFSRE will take the recordings and convert them into archival, On-demand recordings.  Once the recordings are complete, we will build out the new archival registrations so that the client can continue to collect registration information and demographics of attendees on behalf of the client for reporting/recruiting purposes. Archived events can be hosted on the CFSRE website and our servers for one year, and we will provide the links back to the client to distribute to anyone that might have missed the live event.

If you are interested in the CFSRE hosting your event and turning your vision into a reality, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..