Thomas Jefferson University and The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE) have partnered together to offer a MS program in Forensic Biology, originating in 2018. This unique program is designed to position students for advancement and professional development focused specifically in the field of forensic biology.

This is a full-time, two-year program with courses taught at both the Jefferson Center City campus as well as at the CFSRE laboratory in Horsham, PA. Instead of spending the duration of the program in a classroom, Jefferson students will be learning within an actual forensic laboratory and working alongside practicing scientists who serve as faculty and mentors. This teaching setting allows our students to engage first-hand in crime lab operation, offering an unparalleled educational experience.

Our specialized program will provide students with expertise in all areas of forensic biology, including:
  • Serological Identification of Biological Fluids & Tissues
  • Forensic DNA Analysis & Interpretation
  • Molecular Biology & Genetics

Another unique aspect of our program is the highly focused curriculum specifically tailored to focus on the biological aspects of the forensic sciences. Our program allows access to the same instrumentation currently used in the nation’s top crime labs, a guaranteed internship, career readiness training, and business management and leadership coursework to help prepare future leaders in forensic science. Overall, the curricular content more than exceeds the requirements set forth by the Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories which require 12 undergraduate and graduate credits on topics including biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and statistics for laboratory technical leaders.

All of our master's programs are designated Professional Science Master’s (PSM). PSM is a graduate/ professional degree grounded in science and designed for a variety of career options in business, government or non-profit organizations. The degree combines advanced coursework in science with an array of professional skill-development activities aligned with the needs of 21st century employers. Learn more about PSM on their website.

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