The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation acquired through the generosity of the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation, and our partners at NMS Labs, Agilent, SCIEX, and Waters. The instrumentation is used exclusively for faculty and student research, as well as for teaching in both our academic programs and our continuing education courses.


Our laboratory is partitioned into two sections:

The Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry Laboratory – Outfitted within these 5,000 square feet is bench space for sample preparation, and instrumentation dedicated to the field of forensic toxicology and chemistry. There are benches fully equipped with pipettes, centrifuges, vortexes, positive pressure manifolds, and other analytical tools. The instrumentation housed within this space encompasses advanced technology, including several tandem high-resolution mass spectrometers, liquid chromatograph triple quadrupole mass spectrometers and gas chromatograph mass spectrometers from various vendors.

The Forensic Biology Laboratory – The biology section of the laboratory includes 3,000 square feet divided into pre- and post-amplification spaces. The pre-amplification area is outfitted with several evidence examination and serology benches and DNA extraction robots from various vendors. The post-amplification area houses the newest STR genotyping technology including several thermal cyclers, real-time PCR instruments, and genetic analyzers. Additional post-amplification space is dedicated for our state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing platform, along with a distinct preparation area.