February 27, 2024

Detection of xylazine in whole blood samples using highresolution mass spectrometry

Reyes AG, Krotulski AJ, Oetjen K, Chay L

SCIEX Tech Note

February 16, 2024

Wastewater-based monitoring of the nitazene analogues: First detection of protonitazene in wastewater

Bade R, Nadarajan D, Driver EM, Halden RU, Gerber C, Krotulski AJ, Hall W, Mueller JF

Science of The Total Environment

February 1, 2024

Notes from the Field: Cluster of Severe Illness from Neptune’s Fix Tianeptine Linked to Synthetic Cannabinoids — New Jersey, June–November 2023

Counts CJ, Spadaro AV, Cerbini TA, Krotulski AJ, Greller HA, Nelson LS, Ruck BE, Calello DP

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

November 30, 2023

Detection in seized samples, analytical characterization, and in vitro metabolism of the newly emerged 5-bromo-indazole-3-carboxamide synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists

Norman C, Webling K, Kyslychenko O, Reid R, Krotulski AJ, Farrell R, Deventer MH, Liu H, Connolly MJ, Guillou C, Vinckier IMJ, Logan BK, NicDaéid N, McKenzie C, Stove CP, Gréen

Drug Testing and Analysis

August 29, 2023

Naloxone Use in Novel Potent Opioid and Fentanyl Overdoses in Emergency Department Patients

Nmaducci A, Aldy K, Campleman SL, Li S, Meyn A, Abston S, Culbreth, Krotulski AJ, Logan BK, Wax P, Brent J, Manini AF, for the Toxicology Investigators Consortium Fentalog Study Group

JAMA Network Open

July 25, 2023

In vitro cannabinoid receptor activity, metabolism, and detection in seized samples of CH-PIATA, a new indole-3-acetamide synthetic cannabinoid

Norman C, Deventer MH, Dremann O, Reid R, Van Uytfanghe K, Guillou C, Vinckier IMJ, Daéid NN, Krotulski AJ, Stove CP

Drug Testing and Analysis

July 11, 2023

N,N-Dimethylpentylone — A new synthetic cathinone identified in a postmortem forensic toxicology case series

Fogarty MF, Krotulski AJ, Papsun DM, Walton SE, Lamb M, Truver MT, Chronister CW, Goldberger BA, Logan BK

Journal of Analytical Toxicology

May 23, 2023

Review of Analytical Methods for Screening and Quantification of Fentanyl Analogs and Novel Synthetic Opioids in Biological Specimens

Palmquist KB, Truver MT, Shoff EN, Krotulski AJ, Swortwood MJ

Journal of Forensic Sciences

May 13, 2023

Detection, Chemical Analysis, and Pharmacological Characterization of Dipyanone and Other New Synthetic Opioids Related to Prescription Drugs

Vandeputte MM, Walton SE, Shuda SA, Papsun DM, Krotulski AJ, Stove CP

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

April 6, 2023

Opioid Overdoses Involving Xylazine in Emergency Department Patients: a Multicenter Study

Love JS, Levine M, Aldy K, Brent J, Krotulski AJ, Logan BK, Vargas-Torres C, Walton SE, Amaducci A, Calello D, Hendrickson R, Hughes A, Kurt A, Judge B, Pizon A, Schwarz E, Shulman K, Wiegan T, Wax P, Manini AF

Clinical Toxicology