This 17 Module On-Demand online course consists of a combination of in-depth lectures, self-study, and practice exams covering all areas of the study curriculum that would comprise a forensic toxicology certification examination. Each module is provided to you by experts in their respective fields. Topics covered include drug and alcohol effects, pharmacokinetics, analytical techniques, quality assurance, and interpretation of drug findings. This course ensures mastery of the presented material and guides future learning efforts.

For those individuals wishing to become certified specifically in forensic alcohol toxicology, we have also included the alcohol course add-on in Module 16 and Module 17. This add-on will provide additional material focusing on alcohol toxicology, providing the additional level of depth in this area someone would need for this specialty examination.

The on-demand format allows you to learn and study when it is convenient for you, and allows you to focus on topics you wish to review and focus on. Each module includes a graded multiple-choice practice quiz based on all lecture content. A final multiple-choice practice exam is provided at the end of the course. Please expect this course to be 2-3 hours of work per module including watching videos and completing quizzes.