Our “Intelligence” initiative allows NPS Discovery to track and report NPS that are yet-to-emerge or yet-to-be-identified by our program, but are NPS that may appear in the future. NPS reported on this page are often observed on surface web gray market sites or dark web market places, have been reported by scientists in other countries, or are completely new drug molecules elucidated by our leading scientists and collaborators. The CFSRE is committed to documenting first reports of NPS in a timely and accurate manner. When a new NPS is discovered for the first time and analytically confirmed, a new drug monograph is produced and disseminated, and those NPS will not appear on this page. An added benefit: this resource allows CFSRE scientists and collaborating partners to establish preferred nomenclature for NPS prior to reports being produced and also pairs preferred names with available synonyms. If you have ideas or suggestions of NPS to add to this page, please contact us at

Date Class Drug Name Synonyms Structure Formula [M+] [M+H]+ Source
01/25/2023 Opioid N-Desethyl Etonitazene NDE C20H24N4O3 368 369.1921 Online
09/10/2022 Cannabinoid ADB-5'Br-PINACA ADB-P-5Br-INACA C19H26BrFN4O2 440 441.1296 Abu Dhabi
08/30/2022 Opioid N-Pyrrolidino Metonitazene Metonitazepyne C21H24N4O3 380 381.1921 Online
07/05/2022 Opioid N-Pyrrolidino Protonitazene Protonitazepyne C23H28N4O3 408 409.2234 Online
07/05/2022 Opioid N-Pyrrolidino Isotonitazene Isotonitazepyne C23H28N4O3 408 409.2234 Cayman/CFSRE
07/05/2022 Opioid N-Piperidinyl Isotonitazene Isotonitazepipne C24H30N4O3 422 423.2391 Cayman/CFSRE
03/11/2022 Opioid 5-Methyl Etodesnitazene Etomethazene C22H29N3O 351 352.2383 Online
02/10/2022 Hallucinogen 2-Bromodeschloroketamine 2-BDCK C13H16BrNO 281 282.0415 Online
11/16/2021 Cannabinoid ADB-FUBINAATA N/A C22H25FN4O2 396 397.2034 Cayman/CFSRE