May 18, 2021
Recommended Scope for NPS Testing in the United States: Q1 2021
The objective of this report is to provide guidance in developing an appropriate analytical scope of testing for novel psychoactive substances (NPS) in the United States based on current trends and intelligence. This report is based on information available in Q1 2021 and is subject to change along with the drug market.

NPS Discovery and the SOFT Designer Drugs Committee have established the below recommendations for NPS scope based on information from extensive collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives which yield national perspectives. Suggested cut-off concentrations or reporting limits (in ng/mL) are listed for each NPS. These values were categorized (i.e., <1, 1-10, and >10 ng/mL) and determined based on currently available quantitative data and/or comparison to structurally similar NPS within the given sub-class.