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2021 Online Forensic Symposium


Welcome to the 2021 Current Trends Symposium on Forensic Toxicology. Now in its 4th year, this On-line Symposium has gained a reputation for creating a sense of community for forensic practitioners across the globe while disseminating timely and impactful information from recognized experts in their respective discipline – a feat accomplished with no registration fee and no travel costs.

in Chocolate and Identifying Fentanyl Analogs & Illicit Drugs Using MassHunter

Potency testing in edibles is challenging because each edible has a unique consistency and they each suffer from distinctive analytical challenges. During this 30 minutes, you will learn how to avoid laborious grinding steps. You will also get tips and tricks to optimally extract cannabinoids and get the cleanest samples. Learn how to remove fat from samples without losing you analytes of interest. Testing chocolate, cookies and lotions will never be painful anymore. Discover a way to process all gummy types with a single and simple procedure. Find a way to reach lower detection limits and better accuracy in THC-Infused beverages. Adopting these simple procedures will increase the number of samples you can process per hour and enable you to get the most accurate and robust quantification of THC and other drugs in those difficult samples.

2020 Online Forensic Symposium

This is the second installment of the Online Forensic Symposium Series with a focus on Current Trends in Forensic Trace Analysis. Program Chairs Tatiana Trejos (West Virginia University) and Gerard van der Peijl (Netherlands Forensic Institute) have assembled a stunning array of speakers from around the world, each day a virtual master class on a core topic in trace analysis including gunshot residue analysis (GSR), paint, glass, and a special session entitled “Trace Evidence: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom”.