2021 Online Forensic Symposium

Global Approaches to Local Issues in Forensic Trace Analysis

The 4th Annual Online Symposium on Current Trends in Forensic Trace Analysis brings again an excellent opportunity for scientists and practitioners from many regions of the world to interact with each other and thus overcome various obstacles that may limit these enriching venues.

This global trace evidence symposium presents scientific methods, innovations, and case applications by well-known experts from the trace evidence community. During a weeklong event, they will present and share their extensive knowledge of many different topics within trace evidence analysis.

We hear you! The scientific program of this annual Symposium brings topics requested by the community itself. This year’s theme integrates two critical aspects in the strengthening of forensic science: innovation and human factors. We will learn from our keynote speaker about the role of Expertise, Expectation, and Experience in the decision-making process. Also, we will discuss how human factors in our discipline are not just about bias; they play a critical role in developing policies to improve the well‐being, motivation, and performance of forensic practitioners. Furthermore, we will examine the current state and novel topics of gunshot residue, fire debris, fiber, glass, tape, and paint evidence. The last day of the week will highlight the importance of (global) collaborative studies in advancing our profession.

Our aim for this year’s Symposium is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and information among the global scientific community. We believe in the exchange of ideas that can be transformative and used to satisfactorily address local issues and challenges faced by analytical and forensic trace examiners worldwide.

As Chair and Co-Chair of the 2021 Online Symposium on Current Trends in Forensic Trace Analysis, we are honored and humbled to be your hosts and facilitators, and we wish you all an educational and enjoyable week.

Tatiana Trejos, PhD – Chair
Peter D. Zoon, PhD – Co-Chair
Patrick Buzzini, PhD Poster Chair


Dr. Itiel Dror, Cognitive Neuroscientist, University College London
Itiel DrorItiel Dror (PhD Harvard) is a cognitive neuroscientist based in London who is interested in the cognitive architecture that underpins expert decision making. Dror’s research, published in over 150 articles, demonstrated that various cognitive and human factors can influence judgments and decision making of experts. He has worked in a variety of domains, from policing and aviation, to medical experts and bankers, showing that even hard working and competent experts can make unintentional errors.

Dr. Dror will be presenting on how experts can be implicitly impacted by irrelevant contextual information or even by the context in which information is presented or obtained. He will show how research can assist in identifying such weaknesses and in providing practical ways to mitigate them.