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Program Chairs: Dr. Ed Sisco (NIST) and Dr. Simon Dunne (Swedish Police Authority)

Welcome to the 2023 Current Trends Symposium on Seized Drug Analysis. Now in its 6th year, this On-line Symposium has gained a reputation for creating a sense of community for forensic practitioners across the globe while disseminating timely and impactful information from recognized experts in their respective disciplines – a feat accomplished with no registration fee and no travel costs.

Global Challenges, Global Solutions!

We are excited to have you join us, and our outstanding speakers, for a week of learning about the global challenges facing the community and some modern solutions to address them!

Throughout the week you will hear from a number of speakers from across the world with backgrounds ranging from academia to industry to practicing forensic scientists. We have structured this week around the theme of Global Challenges, Global Solutions, putting increased emphasis on current issues and tangible solutions. To start the week, we will set the stage by discussing drug landscapes from all corners of the globe. On Day Two we will discover the challenges and solutions surrounding frontline detection scenarios like border crossings, mail facilities, and public health facilities. For Day Three we will head into the lab and learn about tools and approaches for the identification of unknown substances. Day Four will continue with laboratory-based discussions, highlighting several techniques and methods that practitioners can use to address challenges in traditional analyses. Finally, on Day Five, we will look to the (near) future and discuss two of the pressing topics of the coming years – edibles and illicit pharmaceuticals. To compliment this program, we also have virtual posters available for you to view at your own pace. These posters cover a wide range of topics.

As you travel with us throughout this week we invite you to speak up, ask questions, and engage with our speakers, vendors, poster presenters, and, most importantly, one another. This venue is an excellent opportunity to establish new collaborations, foster existing connections, and make new contacts. It is our hope that at the end of this week you will walk away with some ideas and inspiration to help advance the field.

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The event is free of charge and the content has been deemed appropriate for submission for continuing education credits by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT) and the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC).

Dr. Ed Sisco, PhD – Chair
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Edward Sisco is a research chemist at NIST whose focus is on the development of tools and methodologies to address forensic chemistry measurement challenges. His research in the field of seized drugs includes development of DART-MS methods and tools, new approaches to GC-MS optimization analysis, visualizing and measurement drug background levels in laboratories, and assisting practicing laboratories with implementation of new technology. He is a member of AAFS, ASTM, and OSAC.

Dr. Simon Dunne, PhD – Co-Chair
RMV LinköpingDiverse bilder från olika avdelningar inom RMVReporter: Johan Göransson, John Henzlert
Simon Dunne is a forensic specialist working at the National Forensic Centre within the Swedish Police Authority. As the research coordinator for the Drug Analysis section Simon’s work focuses upon methods for the detection and identification of new psychoactive substances, semi-automatic methods for chemical profiling of narcotics, the use of hyperspectral NIR imaging for determination of the identity and homogeneity of narcotics seizures, together with rapid screening using non-destructive spectroscopic techniques combined with tandem applications of unsupervised/supervised chemometric methods.

Please Help Save Your Seat!

There is no registration fee for this event! If you are able, we are requesting a voluntary donation of $10 USD per attendee that can be made by clicking by clicking the PayPal button below. Why? We pay a fee for every online “seat”. Due to its popularity, we have had to close registration for some of our past events once the number of seats we could afford to purchase were filled. Our goal this year is NOT to shut down registration, but rather to provide a seat for everyone that would like one. A small donation from each attendee would allow this to happen. If you cannot donate, you are still very welcome to attend the event. Thank-you for your kind consideration and we hope you enjoy this year’s program.

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