Forensic Biologist II

Lindsay KotcheyLindsay Loughner Kotchey graduated from Duquesne University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (2018) and Master of Science degree in Forensic Science and Law (2019). Starting during her graduate year, she was contracted by the Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner in Pittsburgh, PA as a Forensic Accreditation Specialist. She worked to prepare the Morgue Operations for accreditation to ISO 17020 and NAME standards. After graduation, Lindsay began working for the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory in Dover, DE. She held roles as DNA Technician and DNA Analyst during her 3.5 year tenure. As part of the Past Accounting Section, Lindsay helped to identify human remains from past military conflicts by performing independent casework on various sample types (bone, teeth), DNA extractions, PCR amplifications, NGS library preparations, DNA data analysis and interpretation, report writing in mtDNA technologies (Sanger & Next Generation Sequencing) and technical review. Lindsay has also served as a technical expert in mtDNA analysis and Next Generation Sequencing technology for external ANAB audits. Lindsay is currently a Forensic Biologist II at the CFSRE.