eLearning Project Manager

Josh VickersJosh Vickers is the eLearning Project Manager for the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE), with over 8 years of producing online virtual learning experiences for the forensic community. He has previously produced, hosted, and moderated over 400 full turn-key live and On-Demand webinars as well as multiple day conferences and symposiums in his former position with the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence.

Josh has developed a true passion for producing educational and research based content for the forensic community because it bridges a learning gap; allowing individuals that typically would not have access to the learning materials or conferences the opportunity to further their forensic careers. In this role with the CFSRE, he will be building a complete eLearning environment as well as promoting all of the activities, research, publications and educational material through various social media outlets.