When: July 12th - July 14th, 2022 from 11am - 5pm ET each day

The Forensic Pharmacology course is brought to you in partnership by The CFSRE and Uptake. This unique online opportunity is taught by Dr. Lionel Raymon, a clinical and forensic toxicologist whose expertise bridges the interface of pharmacology and toxicology with medical and behavioral sciences. Dr. Raymon is a gifted lecturer who draws on sensitive case experience and responsibilities of academic training to contribute to the rigor to methodology and peer review.

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The format of the class is “live-on-line”. Dr. Raymon expects active participation of the class and dynamically orients the topics based on constant feedback and questions.

Who Should Register

Students, professionals, and anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of pharmacology.

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Course registration is $600 per attendee. If you register 5 or more attendees from your business/organization, you are offered a reduced registration fee of $450.

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The aim overall is for the audience to find the “logical” in pharmacological!

The approach is didactic. There is no way to learn pharmacology drug by drug, whether in alphabetical order or in artificial sections. With 9000 + legal drugs, a brain meltdown is a guarantee, as is a propensity to consider addiction or suicide as an alternative to the study of pharmacology.

So, we will drive you through a more sensible approach, rooted in the understanding of normal physiology and biochemistry of select body function, their alteration by pathology, and the initial realization with this knowledge of what stimulating or blocking these pathways would result in. Then only, we will add on a pure memorization task: swallowing without gagging the name of a drug!

Three days, three different but complementary stories.

*The course content has been reviewed by the ABFT and ABC, and determined to be acceptable for submission to the ABFT or ABC for continuing education credit.