The International Alliance of Clinical and Forensic Toxicologists (IACFT), your free, virtual, and multilingual association, is dedicating its Autumn 2021 Virtual Meeting to URINE. Urine is the biological specimen with the multitude of both functionalities and pitfalls when used in the clinical or forensic toxicology decision making.

WHEN: November 2nd – 4th, 2021 from 9:00am ET – 12:00pm ET each day

Join us for this three day virtual meeting that will be discussing urine-based topics including:
• What Is a Urine Drug Screen and How Does It Work?
• How Do False Positives and False Negatives Occur?
• When and how to perform Urine Drug Confirmations?
• Are Drug Quantitations in Urine Necessary or Could they be Misleading ?
• What Interpretations can Confidently be Made?
• Why does the way Urine gets collected matter?
• Why Does the Urine Collection Timing Matter?
• What Should You be Look Out For in Urinalysis ?
• Is Metabolomics Analysis in Urine able to Identify Potential Biomarkers?
• How to catch a Urine Drug Test cheat?
Registration for this fantastic event is FREE of charge.  Click the “REGISTER NOW” button to the top right to reserve your seat for this event.  This event has a very limited amount of seats so please only register if you plan on attending this event LIVE.
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