Senior Scientist

Thomas WalshThomas Walsh received his Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech in Biology and Master of Science degree from Arcadia University in Forensic Science. After graduating from Arcadia University, Thomas worked for over eight years in the Forensic Biology department at NMS Labs. During this time, he held positions as a Lab Support Specialist performing DNA extractions, quantitative-PCR, PCR amplification, and DNA typing and as a Forensic Biologist performing complex evidence examination, serology testing, DNA data analysis, and interpretation, and report writing and review. He also served as the DNA Technical Leader for over two years.

Currently, Thomas is a Senior Scientist at the CFSRE. In this role, he mentors students aspiring to become forensic biologists, assists with the teaching of laboratory courses and student research projects, conducts validations on new instrumentation and maintains current instrumentation. Thomas is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) and the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG).