Forensic Biologist I

Josh Vickers

Justin Frye received his Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University in Biology. During his undergraduate career he worked as an undergraduate researcher in Temple University’s Microbiology lab focusing on protein purification, gel electrophoresis, and PCR amplification. After graduating, Justin worked as a scientist with Atrin Pharmaceuticals testing inhibitory drugs on cancer cell lines through cell proliferation and western blots.

Justin is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Forensic Biology from Thomas Jefferson University and is a Graduate Assistant at CFSRE. His thesis research is focused on testing a device designed to better separate epithelial and sperm cell fractions compared to traditional methods for sexual assault samples. This device can lead to improvements in lab efficiency and can help assist in automation method techniques. As a Graduate Assistant, he is responsible for assisting in the laboratory and helping set up mock cases comparable to what Forensic Scientists see in the field. Additionally, he assists as a resource for students to help them better understand the techniques and science that is introduced to them. 

Justin is an active member of Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row and competed on various crew teams at the high level throughout his high school and undergraduate careers including Temple University Men’s Crew, Crescent Boat Club, and Roman Catholic High School Crew. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, playing video games, and playing with his pet dogs