Forensic Chemist II

Joshua Kotchey resizeJoshua Kotchey graduated from Duquesne University with his B.A. in Biochemistry (2018) and his M.S. in Forensic Science and Law (2019). While at Duquesne, Joshua worked as a researcher in various fields including organic and inorganic synthesis, analytical chemistry, and forensic chemistry. During his graduate year at Duquesne, Joshua held a Teaching Assistant position where he taught General and Organic Chemistry courses to freshmen and sophomore students. This is where he discovered his passion for teaching.

Before joining the CFSRE, Joshua worked for the Delaware Division of Forensic Science in the Forensic Chemistry Unit. While there, he analyzed seized drug evidence in an ANAB-accredited laboratory. Joshua validated various new methods and procedures to streamline the unit's workflows, as well as instrumentation to include GC-MS. He went on to spearhead the validation of the division's first FTIR, which helped to further decrease casework backlog. Joshua Kotchey is currently a Forensic Chemist II at the CFSRE.