Forensic Chemist

Hiu Yu LamHiu Yu Lam graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He continued his education at Temple University and obtained a Professional Science Masters in Forensic Chemistry. As part of his master’s program requirement, he completed his required courses at The Center of Forensic Science Research & Education (CFSRE), and he completed his internship at NMS Labs as a Forensic Lab Intern Analyst. After the completion of his degree, he worked as an adjunct instructor for one academic year: teaching undergraduate courses in STEM topics as well as teaching graduate courses in Forensic Chemistry.

Currently, Hiu serves as a Forensic Chemist at the CFSRE where he is involved with the NIJ grant focusing on screening anticoagulant agents in seized material and human matrix. In addition, he is involved with a toxic adulterant project focusing on the analysis of different adulterants in seized drug samples from different parts of the country. He also provided support in various other projects and collaborations.