Forensic Toxicologist I

Devin Kress

Devin Kress received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in Forensic  Chemistry in 2019. During his undergrad, he worked as an intern in the QA/QC unit at the Maryland State  Police Forensic Science Division over the summer of 2017. He also worked as a course assistant for the trace evidence lab and worked on research involving identifying brands of smokeless powder based on particle morphology, which he presented in 2019 at the International Microscopy Conference. 

After graduating from his undergrad, Devin spent some time working as a forensic toxicologist in a  clinical laboratory and as a scientist I in a GMP pharmaceutical lab. Currently, he is studying at Arcadia  University to work towards obtaining his M.S. in Forensic Science, and he is doing his thesis research on studying the loss of NPS concentration in blood samples collected in serum separator tubes. He is a  Graduate Assistant at Arcadia, which involves assisting with research on GHB hydrolysis. Also, during this time, he is working as a Graduate Assistant at the CFSRE, which involves assisting with various projects going on at the center. His main task currently is assisting as the team lead in a research project.