Frederick G. Strathmann, PhD, MBA, DABCC (CC, TC)

Assistant Laboratory Director, Sr. VP of Operations - NMS Labs

Dr. Strathmann is currently the Vice President of Quality Assurance, Vice President of Operations, Director of New Technology and Innovation, and Assistant Laboratory Director at NMS Labs in Horsham, Pennsylvania. As the Vice President of Quality Assurance, Dr. Strathmann oversees the Quality Assurance team members and helps plot the quality core mission of the company. As the Director of New Technology & Innovation, Dr. Strathmann manages the Innovation Team charged with growing and managing the innovation portfolio at NMS Labs.

As an Assistant Laboratory Director, Dr. Strathmann is responsible for the overall clinical operation of the laboratory functional unit. As the Vice President of Operations, Dr. Strathmann oversees the day-to-day operations to support the growth of NMS Labs through a focus on strategic planning and goal-setting. Dr. Strathmann received his MS and PhD from the University of Rochester in NY, his MBA from the University of Utah, and completed a ComACC accredited clinical chemistry fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Strathmann is board certified in Clinical Chemistry and Toxicological Chemistry from the American Board of Clinical Chemistry.